My method is a flow of action and reaction

Smooth switching between various lines

Mijn therapie is erop gericht om terug te gaan naar de bron van de verstoorde balans, zodat je als mens je eigen ‘ik’ uiteindelijk zelf duurzaam kunt herstellen. Daarbij probeer ik direct aanwezige weggedrukte spanning op te pikken, om al na het kleinste signaal preventief te kunnen zijn. Vervolgens stellen we samen een masterplan op, dat kan bestaan uit één of meerdere modules. Toch werk ik niet volgens een vast protocol, maar ga ik juist gericht en specifiek in op de essentie van het probleem. Ik kijk per keer wat op dát moment de hoogste urgentie heeft en wat op dát moment het beste traject is. Deze extra flexibele benadering, deze stroom van actie en reactie, is de kern van psychodynamica. Om in sporttermen te blijven: we kijken samen welke invloed jouw capaciteiten hebben op het team en jouw positie daarin.

Both individual and team aspects are adressed in my therapies.

Playing according to the 1-to-1 system

Based on the individual as much as possible, nevertheless fit into a team? That may sound contradictory, nevertheless that is the essence of humanity. We are all part of the “teams” around us. Sometimes we do not choose to do so, but because we always belong to one family, with a past and a future. Sometimes because we deliberately do choose to do so: our work, our friends, a sports club, a city, a country. All autonomic systems in which you participate as a human. Therefore I reserve space for both the individual and the team in my therapy. In that 1-to-1 system we get to grips in the fastest way with the unconscious patterns which influence your daily life.

Recognising patterns and letting them go

Inner Child Therapy

Part of yourself from your childhood period is called “internal part of the child”. Experiences from childhood can have such an effect nowadays that you are no longer in contact with, for instance, your spontaneity, humour, playfulness, creativity or enjoying being a child. This is because we have developed survival strategies according to our experiences as a child. Therefore it may be that you wish to act too much as a perfect person and wish to do everything yourself, eliminate yourself or retreat, have little or no confidence in other persons, or maybe you’re addicted. These strategies have an impact on your functioning in daily life and in the teams of which you are a part.

You are usually not aware of your inner childparts. You do know that you have a certain behaviour or thoughts that come back regularly or else people around you are aware of this. If you wish to breakthrough a certain pattern of your own or wish to access your required qualities, inner child therapy is a very good way to realise this.

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