Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact Egofix personally, or do I need a reference from my doctor?2022-06-20T12:43:30+02:00

You don’t need a reference from your doctor.

What service does Egofix offer?2022-05-18T12:20:26+02:00
  • A personal traject (psychosocial assistance/coaching)
  • Multiple days of training constellations
  • Multiple days of training for inner child work
Will my health insurance pay for the therapy?2022-06-20T12:48:29+02:00

In some cases Egofix trajects are partly compensated by your health insurance. Check your health insurance company for more information. You might also get compensation through:

  • PGB (pgb.nl)
  • Employer
  • Arboservice
  • Taxes (belastingdienst.nl)
Is a business Egofix traject deductable?2022-05-18T12:18:40+02:00


What is the expected period for an Egofix traject?2022-05-18T12:18:06+02:00

That depends on de client’s demand, but mostly they are brief trajects (an average of 6-7 sessions).

Can an Egofix traject be parallel to a re-integration traject?2022-05-18T12:17:34+02:00

Yes, that is advisable, because reintegration is a perfect moment to reflect.

What may Egofix mean for my company?2022-05-18T12:16:42+02:00
  • gain insight on an organisatory and strategical level with the help of an organisational constellation
  • Training on the job for executives
  • Making group dynamics/entrapments within teams understood with the help of organisational constellations
  • Conducting clients with a burn-out and stress complaints
  • Intermediary/mediator between company doctor, company and client with re-integration trajects
  • Personal development trajects
  • Support during changing trajects of executives and teams
Should my doctor and/or company be involved in my traject, could they also contact Egofix to discuss my case?2022-05-18T12:15:33+02:00

Sure, but only after consulting you as the client concerned.

Is there something wrong with you if you see a psychotherapist?2022-05-18T12:15:02+02:00

No, everyone bumps into certain situations in their lives, therefore we are able to grow as a person. You could enter every vital question into a traject and it testifies that every person concerned takes responsibility for his/her own life/health.

How do I know that Egofix trustfully handles my personal information, and also the information which is being exchanged during the supportive traject?2022-05-18T12:13:55+02:00

Egofix will do anything to protect the files. Personal information will be kept separately from the files which are also anonymous. Files are kept in a safe way digitally, and there is an agreement with therapeutic colleagues that should something unexpected happen and the files need to be handled by a colleague. Information and paper files will only be kept in a locked cupboard during the traject. As soon as this is over, the paper files will be digitalized and destroyed. Egofix maintains professional secrecy and will not share information from the traject with third parties, unless a client specifically asks to.

How long will my personal information be kept?2022-05-18T12:13:19+02:00

Egofix is obliged to save the files of clients for 20 years.

When I am in a Physical Health Traject can I start an Egofix traject?2022-05-18T12:12:36+02:00

Yes you can, but only after consulting the physical Health consultant or your doctor so the service is substitutional and will not harm the Physical Health traject.

Does Egofix prescribe medication?2022-05-18T12:12:04+02:00


Can you start an Egofix traject if you are on medication?2022-05-18T12:11:34+02:00

During the intake session use of medication will be discussed and it will be also decided if this forms an obstruction for an Egofix traject.

How much does a session at Egofix cost?2022-05-18T12:10:37+02:00

Egofix charges various tariffs for business and private trajects. See our tariffs.

What will the result be for me if I start a traject with Egofix?2022-05-18T12:09:38+02:00

That depends on the question. At work one experiences more sincerity, trust and a better cooperation. You are in touch with yourself better and can act from within. So: authenticity. The client’s health will improve, which will also be noticed in your private situation. The balance between work and your private life will also improve.

How quickly can I be served by Egofix?2022-05-18T12:08:57+02:00

Egofix does not handle waiting lists, so you can almost immediately begin a traject.

What is the expected period for an Egofix traject?2022-06-20T13:15:56+02:00

That depends on de client’s demand, but mostly they are brief trajects (an average of 6-7 sessions).

Why (preventive) psychotherapy?2022-05-18T12:07:19+02:00

Everyone has questions or doubts every now and then, or experiences body complaints that we blame on stress or “I have been busy”. We are inclined to play it down and to accept it as being normal. If we do that too long, a burnout lies in wait. Authenticity is listening to yourself and act accordingly. A preventive Egofix traject can help you with that and thus prevent a state of tension, a burnout or even depression.

What techniques does a psychodynamic therapist use?2022-05-18T11:05:00+02:00

Een psychodynamisch therapeut is niet alleen opgeleid in cognitieve en gedragswetenschappelijke behandelingstechnieken, maar tevens in de volgende moderne en effectieve therapeutische technieken:

Coaching techniques, (EMDR) Trauma therapy, Family and Organizational constellations, Holistic Burn-out and Depression, Hypnotherapy, Inner Child work, NLP, Provocative therapy, RET, Regressiontherapy, Relationtherapy, Therapeutical work with elderly, Therapeutical work with children, Voice Dialogue, Bio Energetics

What service does Egofix offer?2022-05-18T11:03:47+02:00
  • Organizational/Company constellations
  • Organizational advice as regards Leadership
  • Training on the job for executives
  • Individual (psychosocial/coaching) support trajects
  • Multiple days of training constellations
  • Multiple days of training for inner child work
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